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Reduce Costs in your Business | Ultimate Guide

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Why reduce costs?

For many businesses growth comes through hard work, dedication, focusing on delivering excellent service and building your customer base. Procurement of the essentials and luxuries often happens organically and this cost base will grow organically too. However, while you’re watching your business scale, solutions you’ve put in place and have worked brilliantly up until now can become outdated or no longer fit for purpose.

This is why you (or a finance expert like ourselves) need to identify overspend to ensure that your business spends (no matter how large or small), is spent in the right area, at the right time, and at the right price. Making your business leaner, more efficient, and more profitable.

Business cost reduction areas

There are several different areas we can assess to see whether we can streamline your spending, they include:

Energy / Telecoms

The Energy market is highly volatile, highly regulated, and ever-changing. Our review will ensure that you have the right fit for your business


Working with a wide range of industries, we understand the individual nature of risk. Using our insurance partner

network, we will ensure that your business has the cover it needs at the right price.

Funding / Banking & Currency

At AIM, business finance is in our DNA. Our review will cover structure, working capital cycle, and the way that you utilise your business's resources to ensure that you have the strong foundations that your business needs.

Supplier Terms & Tail Management

In addition to a review of supplier terms, we will also review your tail spend. An often-overlooked area, 80% of your suppliers will often account for 20% of your spending. Our review will also streamline this area to achieve cost and process benefits across your business.

What Next?

Get in touch with us and help us streamline your spending today on:

01392 241669

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